Spectacles. At Brian Michie Opticians we stock a wide range of quality frames. They come in a variety of sizes and colours as well as shapes and styles. We cater for very young children through to teenage years and up to the more mature age group. Frame prices vary but will accommodate most budgets whether the need is for a designer look to wear all the time or a more basic pair for wearing only occasionally. We are as happy for you to choose frames which blend into the background  and go unnoticed as we are for you to choose frames which shout out loudly that you are wearing glasses. Either way we want to you feel confident with your choice.

Lenses. You can be confident in the quality of lenses that are used at Brian Michie OPTICIANS. The purpose of glasses is to allow you to see more clearly and we have a large range of excellent lenses which will let you make the most of your vision. We use lenses from a variety of sources depending on the visual requirements of each individual. Amongst others we use Nikon, Hoya and Essilor who are some of the biggest, best and most innovative optical manufacturers in the world.

Your lens requirement may be for an anti-reflection coated lens to help with computers or night driving or for a thinner lens to allow a lighter and more cosmetically pleasing result. It could be that protection in sunlight with a Transitions lens which will react to the light levels as they change is important to you. You may be over 40 and require visual correction in both distance and near in which case a varifocal may be what you are looking for.  Whatever your needs are our qualified staff will help you choose the lens that is right for you.

Contact Lenses.

If you are not the most enthusiastic spectacle wearer or you just want a break from your glasses or a change of image then contact lenses are an option for most people nowadays. Contact Lenses can be worn on part time basis, for example daily wear once a week through to special lenses which are kept in for a full week and not removed at all. We fit a wide range of lenses including Gas Permeable and lenses for astigmatism as well as those for varifocal wearers. Whether for sport, or for social occasions or simply for cosmetic reasons contact lenses have never been more comfortable or healthy to wear than they are now.


Regular eye examinations are important for everyone but this is especially so for successful, trouble free contact lens wear. That is why at Brian Michie OPTICIANS, as well as including your lenses, your direct debit payments includes your planned six monthly contact lens checks, as you would expect but also any number of unplanned visits you may require in between. For the vast majority of disposable lenses which we fit, should you lose or damage a lens it will be replaced without charge. If you require cleaning solutions for the disposable lenses you wear then your direct debit payments cover you for this too. With our disposable contact lenses there are NO hidden charges, if you are paying by direct debit then that payment is all you need to budget for. In addition if you buy spectacles, sunglasses or any accessories you will receive a 25% discount on the normal price (as long as the item is not already on special offer or part of a fixed price package).