Our top priority is the safety of our patients and our team so you will see that we have changed the way things are done in order to take the very best care of you.

It goes without saying that you should not come to see us if you have a temperature, persistent cough, loss or change of taste/smell or you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

Please take time to read the following before you come.

Always call before you visit

Please telephone to make an appointment before visiting us for any reason, if you arrive without a prior booking, we may not be able to see you.

We will also have to ask you a few questions about your visit.

Telephone Consultations

Depending on why you wish to be seen, Brian may want to speak to you on a telephone consultation before your appointment to enable him to clearly determine your needs and reduce the amount of time that you have to spend in the practice.

Our door will be locked when you arrive

Rest assured we will be open, but we will have to control the number of people in the practice at any one time.

When you arrive we will ask you to…

Use the hand sanitiser as you enter our practice.

Come on your own if at all possible. We have to keep the number of people in the building to an absolute minimum.

Come to us before you do any shopping. Lots of bags will make our work to keep the practice clean and safe a lot harder.

Wear a mask or face covering. If you don’t have one of your own, we will be happy to provide one. Only in exceptional circumstances will you be permitted into the test room without one.

Maintain a safe separation from everyone wherever possible. We will limit the number of people in the practice to ensure that you are never crowded. Whenever possible please remember to maintain a 2-metre separation from everyone as you move from one space to another.

Pay with a card if at all possible.

In the Consulting Room

The parts of the test which do not involve the equipment in the room will be conducted at a distance of over 2M or have been covered in a phone call prior to your visit. This will keep our time in an enclosed space to a minimum. As part of your examination we will have to be quite close for short periods of time. We will minimise the risks in this by using the relevant PPE and by keeping periods of closer contact to an absolute minimum.

When choosing frames

Once you have tried on a frame leave it on the tray provided rather than put it back on the display.

Each frame will be sterilised after it has been tried on before going back on display.

Please remember to maintain a safe separation when choosing frames.


To take certain measurements for your frame and lenses we may be required to come closer to you. These times will be kept to a minimum and the relevant PPE will be being worn.




The safety of all those visiting the practice and my staff is my top priority at this time. We have always had, due to the nature of what we do, high hygiene standards in the practice. These have now been added to and we are continuing to follow the latest advice from both the government and the optical bodies with regards to how we operate. You can rest assured that we will be doing all we can to keep everyone safe.




Brian Michie Opticians Safety Protocols