Children's Eye care.

At Brian Michie OPTICIANS we are happy to examine the eyes of children in any age group. A child does not need to be at school or be confident with their alphabet in order to have their eyes tested. Testing of a baby under 6 months is usually only carried out if the parents or health workers feel there is an issue with the eyes.  It is a good idea for all babies around 12 months of age to be examined. From two years old onwards regular routine eye examinations are advisable.           

The eyes are relatively "plastic" up till the age of eight years old. Until this age improvement in vision and eye co-ordination can be expected with the use of any glasses which may be required. Beyond eight years old however it becomes much harder to improve an eye which has always had poor vision from a young age.                                                                                                                                                       

Nowadays during the school day children's eyes are exposed to much more than a chalk blackboard, books and jotters. Smartboards, whiteboards, computer screens, tablets and mobile phones are all now commonly seen and used by a younger age group. Children often do not realise that what they are looking at is blurred and just accept what they see as normal. They may also consider it normal to have tired eyes or to feel strained when doing schoolwork. Regular eye examinations are a way of ensuring a child's vision is and remains at a good level.                                                                                

At Brian Michie OPTICIANS if your child does need glasses it will be explained why they are needed, what they have to be worn for and when the next review will be. We have a wide range of frames to suit young children as well as frames which teenagers will look and feel good in. Everyone aged under 19 and in full time education also receive NHS help with the cost of any spectacles that may be required. We have a wide range of childrens frame styles and sizes to choose from. In addition, we take £25 off the cost of any frame chosen even for older children picking from the adult frame ranges.