What happens in an eye examination?

An eye examination has two purposes. The first is to check the vision is good enough for the persons needs and to correct any defect found with glasses (or contact lenses) if it is required. The second is to ensure that the eyes are healthy both inside and out. Having the eyes examined on a regular basis at the same place means any subtle changes are detected much sooner.

At Brian Michie OPTICIANS your vision is checked and tests are done to see if a prescription for glasses is necessary. The coordination of the eyes as a team and their reactions as individuals is measured. Instruments which allow a magnified view of both the front and the back of the eye are used to assess the eye health. A field screener which assesses the side vision and a camera which records pictures of the back of the eye may be used on some people. At Brian Michie OPTICIANS we have more than one way of measuring the pressure of the eye if this measurement is required.

Some people are nervous about having their eyes tested for fear of giving a "wrong answer". There are no right or wrong answers. At Brian Michie OPTICIANS we allow plenty of time for the eye examination so that no one needs to feel hurried or under pressure to perform. With over 30 years of testing eyes on a daily basis there are very few prescription types Brian has not come across.

Everyone in Scotland, regardless of income, is entitled to a free eye examination provided by the NHS. Under 19's in full time education or people on certain benefits will also get help with the cost of any glasses too.